Arduino Support in Vizard

By Jeff Loomis and Sado Rabaudi

Arduino uses its own language which is similar to C++. Instead, Python can be used and the easiest way to do that is having the board and Python communicate with the Firmata protocol. pyfirmata installs directly in the package manager. There's a lot of information on working with Arduino in this article:

Use the following steps to use Arduino with Vizard:

  1. Install Arduino IDE

  1. Upload the Firmata sketch to the arduino board (File- Examples-  Firmata -StandardFirmata). See the section called Uploading the Firmata Sketch

  1. The sketch will be loaded into a new IDE window. To upload it to the Arduino:

  • Plug the USB cable into the PC.

  • Select the appropriate board (Tools- Board. For Arduino Uno, you should select Arduino/Genuino Uno)

  • Select port (under Tools- Port)

  • Press Upload

  1. Next, make sure that pyFirmata is installed from the package manager by going to Vizard and choosing Tools- Package Manager- Search and then searching “pyfirmata”

  1. After that you should be able to run pyfirmata/python code in Vizard to communicate with the device. There's examples in the realpython article for communication over both digital and analog pins.

Vizard Sample Code:

Vivetracker Setup in Vizard

With the use of the HTC Vivetrackers you can easily setup full body tracking in Vizard. Now fully integrated in Vizard 6.

For adding the trackers, you will also need some straps to hold the trackers on, such as these.

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Manus VR Prime 2 Gloves Setup

For more information on using the Manus VR Gloves with Vizard, see the following Vizard documentation page

For more information on the Manus VR data gloves visit their website at

To access the latest version of Manus Core (the software needed for running the Manus gloves) sign up and login to the Manus resource center here

More information available in the Vizard Documentation here

Vizconnect files:

Manus gloves with Vivetrackers and articulated glove models

(this is a default setup that is most commonly used)

Note that at times the offset may need to be changed for the hand. This is usually the “pre pitch” and might need to be set to “90” or “0”. This can be accessed by opening the vizconnect file, clicking on “go directly to advanced options”, then on the “trackers” tab clicking on the “offsets” button

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