Inspector: Toggling Animation Auto-Start

"Autoplaying" means that an animation will play as soon as the model is loaded, instead of waiting to be triggered by python code. This tutorial shows how to toggle the autoplaying of animations within Inspector.

Open Inspector, either from the Start Menu or from your Vizard install directory's bin folder.
e.g. C:\Program Files\WorldViz\Vizard7\bin

First you'll need a file that contains some kind of animation. You can download sample files here.


For this first part, we'll use AnimatedObject.osgb. Downlead sample files.

Animated Object

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Lip Syncing with Fuse/Mixamo Avatars

Programs Needed:

Fuse (available for free if you have a Creative Cloud membership, or on Steam)


Cal3D Exporter (available to download from the WorldViz website)

1. Create your model in Fuse


2. Go to “File- Animate with Mixamo” or click on “Send to Mixamo”

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Controlling Imported Animantions

The following types of animations can be exported with OSG models from 3ds Max and played in Vizard:

  • Transform:  Animations based on translation, rotation, and scale
  • UV: Animations based on changing texture coordinates
  • OSG sequence: Mesh animations that cycle through a series of saved meshes, one for each frame

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