Orientation Drift Correction with PPT’s Optical Heading Plug-in

The optical heading plug-in is used in the PPT Studio software to correct yaw (and role) of an inertia cube (IC) using two markers. The two markers have to be attached to the same structure as the IC. Once initialized the markers act as an optical compass.
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Introduction to PPT Studio

The video tutorial in this article will guide you through the setup of a newly installed PPT system from the configuration of the camera settings to the streaming of tracking data. In order to follow along you should already have your cameras connected and positioned properly.
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MotionBuilder actor using PPT

Autodesk MotionBuilder is a powerful character animation and motion editing tool. WorldViz Precision Position Tracker (PPT) can be used to stream data from a live actor into MotionBuilder. This video tutorial will teach you how to map the optical data being streamed by PPT onto a MotionBuilder actor.

Key-points covered in this video are:

  • Loading PPT mocap plug-in
  • Adding live marker data to scene
  • Inserting & transforming an actor
  • Previewing live actor within MotionBuilder

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