What is … PureRef?


Pureref is a image display program designed to streamline the display of an artist's reference images. It is simple and straightforward program that works better than just about anything else for it's intended purpose. In addition to displaying reference material, it can also be used for storyboarding. Pureref is also incredibly cheap to buy, at an optional 5£ donation.

Pureref works by dragging pictures into its window, from desktop or web. This places each item on a scalable virtual tile that can be arranged on on the virtual surface, and zoomed in and out as needed.


The interface is designed to be as visually minimal as possible, in most cases just showing the images being shown in a borderless always-on-top window. This window can be dragged to whatever location and size is convenient to work with.


If there's ever a need to share your reference with others, it is also possible to safe out files for other to open either in PureRef's native format, which preserves the full resolution of the original images, or downsampled as a common image format such as PNG.