What is… Textures.com?


Textures.com, formerly CGTextures.com, is a subscription based stock resource website for texture maps. Depending on the subscription level, the user has a certain number of credits per month to use on textures. There is also a free option with a small number of credits that regenerate on a daily basis.


The textures are royalty free for both commercial and noncommercial use, are high resolution, and have been processed to remove distortion, color cast, and in some cases to add tiling. They are distributed at multiple sizes, with larger sizes requiring more credits.


In recent years they have also begun to add texture sets that have more strictly standardized color calibration and high quality normal maps generated from scan data. In addition to diffuse maps calibrated to stay true their real-life albedo (as srgb), these also have normal maps that are much more accurate to the source material than a normal map generated from the diffuse material in programs such as CrazyBump, Bitmap2Material and Photoshop CC's normal map filter.