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Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains articles on secondary tools, real world workflows and use cases that go further than what's found in the core manual. If a car's manual is about the function of the switches, knobs and pedals, then this would be how to drive.

If there's something you were hoping to find but did not see listed here, send a note to kb@worldviz.com. We have lots of treasures that we just haven't gotten around to posting yet and we love getting your comments.

  • Art Workflow

    Creating presentable VR content through 3rd party tools and contemporary artist workflows. Props, scenes, and character animation.

  • Scripts

    Sample scripts showing approaches for accomplishing specific tasks, with code ready to copy and paste into your own projects.

  • Hardware

    Setup and use of various hardware devices such as caves, biofeedback devices and datagloves.

  • Addons

    Installation and use of Python's massive library of packages and addons within Vizard.