NumPy is a package that provides support for large multi-dimensional arrays and matrices in Python. This is essential for anyone doing scientific computing with the Python language.


  • Go to the NumPy download page and download the latest version of the NumPy installer. Use the table below to determine which version of Python your Vizard installation uses:
    • Vizard 2.x uses Python 2.3
    • Vizard 3.x uses Python 2.4
    • Vizard 4.x uses Python 2.7
    • Vizard 5.x uses Python 2.7
  • Run the installer. It should automatically detect Vizard's Python installation. If you have multiple Python installations on your computer, make sure you select the Vizard Python installation.


from numpy import *

array1 = array([-1.2, 1.2])
array2 = array([1,3])

print 'array1: ',array1
print 'array2: ' ,array2

added_array =  add(array1, array2)
print 'The two arrays added together are: ', added_array

absolute_array = absolute(added_array)
print 'Take the absolute value of that and get: ',absolute_array