Converting videos with FFMPEG

FFMPEG is a free and open-source project for handling video and other media types that allows a user to modify things such as resolution, file type, sample size and more.

FFMPEG Conversion Steps:

  1. Download FFMpeg from here:

  2. Once downloaded, unzip and navigate to the “bin” folder

  3. Make sure the video file you want to work with is in the same folder as the ffmpeg.exe file (bin folder)

  4. Open a command line window and change directory to the location of where your FFMPEG bin file is by typing “cd” (without quotes) followed by a space and then the address of the folder (may have to place on the “C” drive)

  5. In the command window type:

“ffmpeg -i InputFileName.mp4 -f avi -c:v wmv2 -s 4096x1536 -b:v 15000k outputFilelName.avi”

Where “”InputFileName” is the name of your file you are converting, and “outputFileName” is the name of your output file

“15000k” is the bit rate

And “4096x1536” is the resolution size