Moving Unity Assets to Vizard and Vizible with the Sketchfab glTF exporter

This is a method for transferring your Unity assets into Vizible or Vizard using Sketchfab.

Get the latest version here:

Download the Unity Package titled SketchfabForUnity-v1.2.0.unitypackage

Import this into your Unity project

Once imported, you need to press “Play” in your Unity scene to have it show up.

You then choose “Sketchfab- Publish to Sketchfab”


Login to your Sketchfab account (if you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one), name your scene and click “Upload to sketchfab”

You’ll then need to make your model downloadable in Sketchfab (Under “Manage this model”)


Once it’s been made downloadable, download the gltf, unzip it and add it to your Vizible or Vizard scene.


Note: for Vizible, you’ll need to convert to a glb or osgb using either this tool to convert to glb, or using Inspector to convert to osgb.

Note: There may be some issues with models that have transparency