How to… Work With Realtime Shadow-Casting Lights in Inspector

Vizard R5: Adding realtime light to a scene and enabling shadows.
Sample Files: Realtime (7.5Mb)

Starting with an unlit scene in Inspector:
- First, Go to Create -> Light -> Directional Light
- Then, in the properties window check the box for "Shadows"

- Next, name the light node so it can be accessed through code
- You can set the angle of the sun node using the rotation controls
- The position of a directional light does not affect its output, but can be used to move the node's icon to a more convenient location.


- The ambient light level can also be set. This is accessed through the "Scene" root node.
- After setting the ambient light level, this can be stored within the file by checking "Save Scene Settings" within the properties panel.

- Finally, save the file from inspector by going to File -> Save As...
- Pick a location and a filename, then hit Save. If you are editing an existing file, you may want to overwrite it.

- If you are constantly iterating on exports, it can be convenient to delete the geometry before saving the lighting so the lighting can be saved in a separate file. This allows you to easily merge the lighting into any new exported file or add it through Vizard code.