Syncing Vizard projects across a cluster

Cluster applications require that all clients have resources stored in the same path as the master. An easy way to sync Vizard's project folders across a cluster of computers is with SyncToy, a free Microsoft utility.

Follow the instructions below to install SyncToy and use it with your Vizard cluster application:

  1. Download SyncToy and install it on the master computer.

  2. On each of the client machines, create a folder for the resources with matching name and in the same location as the master (e.g. If the master has resources saved in a folder called "Vizard Project" under the C: drive, create a "Vizard Project" folder under each client C: drive).

  3. Verify that the master can browse and write to these empty client folders.

  4. Run SyncToy:

    • Select "Create New Folder Pair". For Left Folder (source) select the folder where resources are stored on the master (e.g. "C:\Vizard Project"). For the Right Folder (destination) browse the network and select the empty folder you created on Client 1 . Click "Next"
    • Choose the "Echo" option. This specifies that files are copied from Left to Right. Any time resources are added or deleted from the Left folder and SyncToy is run for that folder pair the Right folder will be updated. Click "Next".
    • Choose a name for your folder pair that indicates the project name and client (e.g. "Vizard Project (Client 1)". Click "Finish".
    • Click "Run" and the Right folder will be synced to the Left folder. You can click "Preview" to see what actions will be taken before you execute the sync with "Run".
    • Repeat the previous steps for the remaining clients.

Now anytime the resource folder on the master changes you can update the clients' folders by running the saved folder pairs in SyncToy.

Note: SyncToy will not display a warning message if an error occurred while syncing files. Review SyncToy's log to verify that files were updated if clients are having trouble finding resources.