Komodo IDE + Vizard

Komodo is a cross-platform IDE that supports Python. It comes in a free and commercial version. This article describes how to configure Komodo to run Vizard scripts.

  1. Install Komodo

    Download and install Komodo IDE (commercial) or Komodo Edit (free).

  2. Configure Vizard interpreter

    You must first point Komodo to the Vizard python interpreter in order for the code completion features to work properly. Go to Edit > Preferences > Languages > Python. From the dialog you can specify the path to the Vizard python interpreter and additional import directories, as shown below

    Komodo: Configure Vizard Interpreter

  3. Configure Vizard Run Command

    Use the "Run Command" feature in order to launch scripts using Vizard by going to Tools > Run Command. The run command should be the path to the winviz.exe file in your Vizard bin directory followed by "%F". For example, "C:\Program Files\WorldViz\Vizard30\bin\winviz.exe" "%F". Be sure to check the Add to Toolbox option to save the Run Command for future use.

    Komodo: Configure Run Command

    When you click Run, the current script will be launched using Vizard. The Vizard run command will also be saved in the Komodo Toolbox pane. If you right-click the Vizard run command within the toolbox and go to the properties, you have the option of assigning a keyboard shortcut to the Vizard run command.